We Foster Excellence and inspire confidence
in our customers and employees

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At IPEG, we focus on two things: Customers and Employees. And we have a saying that if we do right by both of them, everything else takes care of itself. We have formalized this into IPEG’s Purpose: To foster excellence and inspire confidence in our customers and employees.

In order to achieve our Purpose, we have noticed that our employees exhibit these behaviors when they are doing their best work.

Our Three Core Behaviors

Having an open and positive attitude in our work
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Supporting one another’s success
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Holding ourselves accountable
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Having an open and positive attitude in our work is multi-faceted. Fundamentally, it is about having a can-do attitude. Our work often entails solving problems and figuring things out. It involves new situations and changing circumstances. Believing that you can find the answer, accepting that things change, and being open to the ideas of others are all part of this. Being positive and open-minded means that virtually anything is possible. The opposite is just that, and frankly not very enjoyable to be around.

Many companies emphasize the importance of teamwork. We are no different. Teamwork is essential to virtually everything we do. And we have chosen to take it a step further... Supporting one another’s success is more than teamwork. It is more than working together. It is about achieving success, individually and collectively. It is also about recognizing that your success does not come at someone else’s expense. Rather, if you are more successful in what you do, we all gain. Therefore, it is in our overall best interest to ensure that everyone we work with is as effective and successful as possible.

Accountability is about taking responsibility for yourself, for your own actions. Holding ourselves accountable is not only about doing this for our own actions, but also those around us. It is based on the belief that we are all professionals. We have all been chosen to do a job for which we have significant capabilities. Taken together with the first two behaviors, this means that we should all be able to do our best work with minimal rules and supervision. We should recognize success when we see it. We should offer guidance and assistance to those who would benefit. And we should welcome such inputs in the spirit of making ourselves and IPEG more effective and successful.




At IPEG, we’re always looking to get bigger and better together.

We draw on decades of experience, but our real job is to recognize, build and share great ideas.

Our system helps us all do what we love to do better, because our business is making passion more contagious. To turn it up, so bold thinking reverberates throughout our entire organization.

When someone in our shop, back office or board room has an innovative solution, we want everyone to hear it and our customers to benefit from it.

We make big ideas bigger and help our customers and employees get even better.

At IPEG, we don’t just own businesses, we AMPLIFi them.


Better Together

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